This page is not frequently updated. My google scholar profile gives a more complete picture.

Doctoral dissertation

A. Loukas. Distributed Graph Filters. PhD thesis, TU Delft, 2015


A. Loukas, A. Simonetto, and G. Leus. Distributed autoregressive moving average graph filters. In Signal Processing Letters. IEEE, 2015


A. Loukas, M. Zuniga, M. Woehrle, M. Cattani, and K.G. Langendoen. Act localy, think globaly: On the reshaping of information landscapes. In 12th ACM/IEEE Int. Conf. on Information Processing in Sensor Networks, IPSN, April 2013, IP track

A. Loukas, M. Woehrle, M. Zuniga, and K.G. Langendoen. Fairness for all; rate allocation for mobile networks. In 10th IEEE Int. Conf. on Mobile Ad-hoc and Sensor Systems, MASS, October 2013

Y. Durmus, A. Loukas, E. Onur, and K.G. Langendoen. Sybil-resistant meta strategies for the forwarder’s dilemma. In IEEE Int. Conf. on Self-Adaptive and Self-Organizing Systems, SASO, September 2014

M. Cattani, M. Zuniga, A.Loukas, and K.G. Langendoen. Lightweight cardinality estimation in dynamic wireless networks. In 13th ACM/IEEE Int. Conf. on Information Processing in Sensor Networks, IPSN, April 2014, IP track (best paper runner up)

A. Loukas, M. Zuniga, I. Protonotarios, and J. Gao. How to identify global trends from local decisions? event region detection on mobile networks. In 33rd Int. Conf. on Computer Communications, INFOCOM, April 2014

A. Loukas, M. Cattani, M. Zuniga, and J. Gao. Graph scale-space theory for peak and pit identification. In IEEE Int. Conf. on Information Processing in Sensor Networks, IPSN, 2015

Workshops, Demos, Posters

A. Loukas, M. Woehrle, P. Glatz, and K.G. Langendoen. On distributed computation of information potentials. In 8th ACM Int. Workshop on Foundations of Mobile Computing, FOMC, July 2012

A. Loukas, M. Woehrle, and K.G. Langendoen. On mining sensor network software repositories. In 2nd ACM Int. Workshop on Software Engineering for Sensor Network Applications, SESENA, May 2011

M. Cattani, M. Zuniga, A. Loukas, and K.G. Langendoen. Poster abstract: Neighborhood cardinality estimation in extreme wireless sensor networks. In 11th Springer European Conf. on Wireless Sensor Networks, EWSN, February 2014

A. Loukas, M. Woehrle, and K.G. Langendoen. Poster abstract: Towards fair bandwidth allocation in mobile wireless networks. In Dutch Conf. on ICT reseach, ICT.OPEN, 2011 (best poster award)

O. Akribopoulos, D. Bousis, D. Efstathiou, H. Koutsouridis, M. Logaras, A. Loukas, A. Nafas, G. Oikonomou, I. Thireou, N. Vasilakis, P. Kokkinos, G. Mylonas, and I. Chatzigiannakis. A software platform for developing multi-player pervasive games using small programmable object technologies. In 5th IEEE Int. Conf. on Mobile Ad-hoc and Sensor Systems, MASS, Sept 2008 (best demo-paper award)


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